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Puntland Network Forum is a non-profit organisation promoting self-empowerment and personal development of young people at local, national and international level. Puntland Network Forum is established by young professionals working to improve the well-being of the youths in the community and has been operational in Puntland State since 2014.

Given the high rate of youth unemployment, the association involves young people to identify, create and develop new ways of self-employment through training s, capacity building and partnering with financial institutions. An among other emerging issues has been a high number of youths that are drug addicted, epidemic and sanitation emergencies.

Puntland Network Forum is registered with the Ministry of Culture and Social Services of the local government of Somalia.

Puntland Network Forum is focused in engaging young people with the ideas of entrepreneurship and capacity building programs towards self-reliance. Youth mentorship also engages in girl empowerment projects that promotes and create awareness for girl leadership and social development. Also nurtures talents through cultural practices to enhance social cohesion among youths and this is an opportunity for the youths to learn various diversities of both intercultural and multicultural practices.

The mission is to support young people to make connections, getting in touch with themselves, each other and institutions. and eradicate dependency among youths through nurturing talents, training, capacity building, and empowerment. Puntland Network Forum is specifically designed to freely engage young men and women on issues of good governance including accountability and gender equality. The organization promotes learning, debate and networking with the view to build the capacity of marginalized people, especially pastoralists, women and youth and advocate for their concerns.

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